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Award Winners

SWACM 2012 SWACM Poster Winners:

Grace-Ann Osuji and Robert Fader, Ph.D., D(ABMM)



Winter 2010 SWACM Awards Committee Report

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2009 Steve Hansen Winning Poster

The winning poster for 2009 was Epidemiology of Influenza A Virus Circulating In Kansas City: Subtypes And Resistance To Antiviral Drugs (2007 - 2009) by Suresh B. Selvaraju and Rangaraj Selvarangan )Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Kansas City, MO).


2009 ASM Scientific Achievement Awards

Two members of the Southwestern Association of Clinical Microbiology have been awarded 2009 ASM Scientific Achievement Awards!  Click each of the links below to read the press releases from the ASM:



2008 Case Study Award Winner
The Tale Of A Proteus Down On Its Luck And Its Struggle To Beat The Odds

(Note: Large file - 6.7MB - MS Power Point required)

  • Tim Davis, MT (ASCP)
  • Angela Jackson, MT (ASCP)
  • Frances Williams, MT (ASCP) SM
  • Michelle Dillard, MHS, MT (ASCP)
  • James G Traylor, Jr.
  • MD, Christopher Burdick, MD

2008 Steve Hansen Poster Award Winner
Evaluation of Incubation Conditions for SXT Blood Agar to Isolate Group A Streptococcus From Throat Swabs

  • R. Selvarangan
  • B. Doerge
  • C. Taggart
  • B. Card.

2008 SWACM Distinguished Service Award Winners:

  • Chris Fuller
  • Denise Robison

2008 SWACM Travel Scholarship Winners

  • Penny Vongnarath
  • Tim Davis
  • Sherri Magner

2008 Ron Silberman Vendor Appreciation Award

2008 Remel Travel Awards:

  • Connie Bates
  • Scott Simpson
  • Susanne Eichenmueller

There was a $250.00 anonymous donation for a one-time student travel award for 2008.  It was awarded to Lynn Sander.



Next year students will be eligible to apply for the SWACM Travel Scholarship Award.


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