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SWACM's 34th Annual Meeting was held at the Hilton Shreveport in Shreveport, Louisiana, September 15th-18th, 2015 (updated 12/20/2015)

Annual Meeting Photos

2015 Annual Meeting Photos


Tuesday Workshop handouts

Medical Parasitology by Garcia.pdf


What to Work Up Rapid ID from Blood Cultures by McCarter part1.pdf

What to Work Up Resp Cultures by McCarter part2.pdf

What to Work Up Stool Cultures by McCarter part3.pdf


Mycology ID and Suscept by Fothergill part1.pdf

Mycology ID and Suscept by Fothergill part2.pdf

Mycology ID and Suscept LAB by Fothergill part3.pdf

Mycology ID and Suscept Suscept Testing by Fothergill part4.pdf


Antimicrobial Suscept Advanced Course IQCP by Humphries part1.pdf

Antimicrobial Suscept Advanced Course Verification by Humphries part2.pdf

Antimicrobial Suscept Advanced Course Antibiogram by Humphries part3.pdf

Antimicrobial Suscept Advanced Course Expert Rules by Humphries part4.pdf


Antimicrobial Suscept Entero and Pneumo by Humphries.pdf

Antimicrobial Suscept Enterobacteriaceae by Humpries.pdf

Antimicrobial Suscept Nonfermenters by Humphries.pdf

Antimicrobial Suscept Staphylococcus by Humphries.pdf


Wednesday Symposia Handouts

Anatomy of an Evidenced Based Medicine Guideline by Weissfeld.pdf

Best Practices Workup of Wound Cultures by McCarter.pdf

Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections by Fader.pdf

Laboratory Clinician Communication by Vanchiere.pdf

Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance by Humphries.pdf


Thursday Symposia Handouts

A New Era in Quality Control by Capraro.pdf

Gram Variable or Gram Very Able by Dallas part1.pdf

Gram Variable or Gram Very Able by Dallas part2.pdf

Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV by Cavalieri.pdf

Pediatric Microbiology by Doern.pdf

Vaccine Preventable Diseases by Bocchini.pptx.pdf


Friday Workshop handouts

Gram Stain Prof by Dallas part1.pdf

Gram Stain Prof by Dallas part2.pdf

Gram Stain Prof by Dallas part3.pdf

Gram Stain Prof by Dallas part4.pdf

Gram Stain Prof by Dallas part5.pdf

Gram Stain Prof by Dallas part6 supp.pdf


Lab Preparedness by Dickson part1.pdf

Lab Preparedness by Knoll part2.pdf

Lean in the Clinical Microbiology Lab by Pribble part1.pdf

Pediatric Micro Blood Cultures by Doern.pdf

Pediatric Micro GI pathogens by Capraro.pdf

Pediatric Micro Respiratory pathogens by Doern.pdf

Pediatric Micro Value of Tech by Vanchiere.pdf

Updated 12/21/2015

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